Massage is based on two types of techniques
• Acupressure and acupuncture-the effect on problem areas through pressure on certain points of the body.
• Muscle massage technique – smooth, sliding movements along the muscles of the whole body.
Thanks to the smooth flowing movements, the master gently works through the muscles, paying special attention to the clamps, pain points: thereby the blood flow increases, the energy flow through the body is restored. An additional effect is provided by aromatherapy, which allows you to relax even more, forget about all your worries. Oils actively affect energy points, nerve endings and capillaries. Some components of oils have a pronounced detoxification effect, and therefore free the body from toxins, toxins that clog and exhaust the human body. Each session of Thai oil massage is a gentle effect without power or pain techniques, aimed at complete relaxation, recovery.
A course of 5/10/15 procedures for 60 minutes 10 000 /19 000/ 27 000
Frequency – no restrictions
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