From physical pains to mental healing, Energy Boost Sports Massage is loaded with numerous benefits. Not only does it relax muscle stiffness and tension, it is also proven to calm the mind, improve blood circulation, remove toxins, promote sleep, enhance immunity and reduce fatigue.

Unlike aroma oil massage, sports massage is considered a power massage, because the master actively uses his elbows and deeper pressure on the muscles and energy points along the entire body. Sports massage tones the muscles of the body, helps to achieve their maximum elasticity and plasticity. Elements of sports massage increase the tone of the body, its stress resistance, strengthen the muscular system.
Massage is suitable both before training (it tones and prepares the muscles for physical exertion) and after (there is a faster recovery of the muscles and helps to relieve painful sensations).
A course of 5/10/15 procedures for 60 minutes 10 000 /19 000/ 27 000
Frequency: 1-2 times a week
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