Massage of the neck-collar zone is often called an anti-stress massage. The fact is that in case of stress, a person instinctively strains the muscles of the shoulder girdle, this is facilitated by the desire to "hide" from unpleasant psychological experiences. If tension accumulates and stress lasts for a long time, then the muscles form a strong, so-called "stress shell", causing stiffness of movement and even pain, and constantly reminds of the situation that caused stress.
In addition, in the cervical-collar zone, most often there is the occurrence of stagnation, swelling, pinching of the vertebrae, salt deposition and disruption in the work of connective tissues. As a result, there are diseases such as osteochondrosis, scoliosis, torticollis, scapular adhesions are formed. Even when stress passes, the muscles do not relax immediately, because a life habit has already been formed – to pull the head into the shoulders, which is equivalent to the desire to avoid difficult situations and psychological problems.
That is why the massage of the collar zone is designed to relieve tension and the burden of problems from tired shoulders, removing clamps and improving blood flow. When massaging the neck-collar zone, the muscles and skin of this area are strongly warmed up and warmed up, which allows you to penetrate more deeply into the subcutaneous tissues, as well as the technique of acupressure and elements of passive yoga are used.
Massage of the neck and shoulders, as well as the upper spine area, allows you to get rid of headaches and back pain, insomnia, relieve puffiness and swelling.
A course of 5/10/15 procedures for 60 minutes 10 000 /19 000/ 27 000
Frequency – 1-2-3 times a week
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