Acupressure and acupuncture-the effect on problem areas through pressure on certain points of the feet with special wooden sticks with the application of Thai balm and massage oil.
It is performed on the area up to the knee.
In Thailand, foot massage is considered one of the main ones in the system of improving the body. On the feet there are reflexogenic zones (about 70 thousand nerve endings) directly connected to all internal organs. This is a kind of map on which all the main internal organs and systems are projected.
By stimulating these zones, you can influence the entire body and, in particular, individual systems, so the effect of foot massage is multifaceted: from improving blood circulation and relieving swelling of the legs, stimulating the immune, digestive and genitourinary systems, and ending with relieving nervous tension, relaxation, eliminating insomnia. Therefore, Thai foot massage is a great tool for stress relief, relaxation, as well as activation of protective functions and mobilization of the body's reserve forces.
In addition, foot massage is a very pleasant procedure that brings a lot of pleasure. The procedure involves not only the hands of the masseur, but also the forearms, and special sticks.

A course of 5/10/15 procedures for 60 minutes 10 000 /19 000/ 27 000
Frequency – 1-2-3 times a week

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